Water Charms
Water as the source of life is his constant source of inspiration. Abstractions reflected on its surface in images Ning calls Water Charms – become visual poems which help us to better understand who we are. It is as if Ning Zhou collaborates with nature to capture and compose that perfect Zen moment in the transcendent dance of light and color, shape and shadow which opens our eyes to the beauty around us while focusing our hearts and minds inwardly.  
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Phantasms and other Realities
Call these photographs what you will -- multiple exposures, superimpositions --
Ning Zhou sees them as phantasms, i.e. perceptions of somethings which have no physical reality. Of course, they have a physical reality when he first sees them but his photographic interpretation of that reality transforms them into apparitions of what they once were. As such, the viewer cannot help but feel the 'spirit' in these phantasms and they are rendered into visual poetry.

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Ning Zhou travels the world, always at the ready with his camera as he  waits for inspiration to strike. It is not simply a matter of shooting a place.  It is the 'why' and 'how' and 'when' of these photographs that make them art. You will see in this section of miscellaneous land-based images that  they are often just as poetic and fascinating as this artist's Water Charms.
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