Born in Nanjing,  China in 1963 Ning Zhou developed a passion for photography as a young boy. Out of necessity, he learned how to economize on film by pre-visualizing his photographs -- a skill he honed to an extraordinary degree. 

Even today -- despite the advent of digital photography and with more than 40 years experience -- this unique ability is the touchstone of his distinct style. He waits patiently until every variable, setting, and condition are accounted for and assimilated in his mind so that he can see them like a camera. Then and only then does he press the shutter. 

Ning Zhou's art opens our eyes to the beauty around us while focusing our minds inward. 

His career as a professional photographer began in the early 1980s after he graduated as one of the first students in China to major in photography at the university level. His body of work is spectacular: images classically balanced, symmetrical and meditative that capture that perfect Zen moment in the transcendent
dance of light and color, shape, and shadow.

Peer acclaim was almost inevitable -- both in China and abroad. In 2007 he was named 'Pre-eminent Contemporary Art Photographer' by the Association of Chinese Art Photographers. Fiona Senior, past President of the UK’s Master Photographers Association (MPA) said on seeing a Ning Zhou show, "I enjoyed every moment... it was spectacular and also versatile. I could return and spend hours viewing his excellent work."  Praise from Barry John Senior, former president of the UK’s Royal Photographic Society (RPS) was equally effusive: "... a most impressive and very enjoyable experience. To achieve such excellent quality... is indeed an achievement."

Ning Zhou's work has been exhibited around the world in solo shows in China, Korea and in the United States. Among the most notable of these, in 2007 Andreas Papandreou, Prime Minister of Greece and avid Ning Zhou collector, hosted a solo exhibition in Athens. Called Water Charms, this show generated a beautiful book and a great deal of international buzz. 

In her review, Penelope Petsini, Greece's prominent art critic, commented that Ning Zhou "... combines the visionary nature of Buddhist painting with the Taoist quest for the manifestation of the spirit residing in every form, recording... a single moment in time noticed by someone who was sensitive enough to see."

Ning's work has also been featured in many prestigious group shows, including the Association of International Art Dealers (AIPAD) and Photo LA 2014 and 2015.

He currently divides his time between Nanjing -- where he is president of the prestigious Nanjing Institute of Visual Arts and Vice Chair of the Aesthetic Institute of Jiangsu Province -- and Aliso Viejo, California, where he serves as president of the East-West Culture and Arts Foundation and operates the Ning Zhou Gallery.

Welcome to his American home.  


Sep. 2016 – the 5th Photo Fairs Shanghai
Feb. 2016 – the 5th Annual Palm Springs Fine Art Fair
Jan. 2015 – the 24th Annual International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition
Jan. 2014 – the 23rd Annual International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition
Nov. 2013 – Individual Exhibition in Zhejiang Lishui International Photography Festival. Lishui, China
Sep. 2010 – Joint exhibit “Photo Environment”, an exhibition in OCC Frank M.Doyle Arts Pavillion inUS. Costa Mesa, USA
Sep. 2010 – Joint exhibit in Pingyao International Photography Festival “Zhou Ning 2010 US Photography Exhibition”. Pingyao, China
Aug. 2010 – Joint exhibit in Dali International Photography Exhibition. Yunnan, China
Mar. 2010 – Joint exhibit in the 2010 AIPAD Photography Show New York, U.S.
Sep. 2009 – Zhejiang Lishui International Photography Festival. Lishui, China
Oct. 2009 – Individual Exhibition at City-wide Photography Festival, Atlanta, USA
Sep. 2009 – Individual Exhibition at Pingyao International photography festival Pingyao, China
Nov. 2007 – Invited by the Andreas Papandreou Foundation to hold his “The Music of Water” Individual photography exhibition in Athens. Athens, Greece
Nov. 2007 – “Modern and Contemporary Art”, an exhibition in Beijing’s 798 Art District. Beijing, China
Sep. 2007 – Joint exhibit in the Art Beijing 2007exposition
contemporary Art. Beijing, China
Oct. 2005 – Participated in “Creative Chinese Photography”, a group exhibition of works by famous contemporary Chinese photographers, at the invitation of St. John’s University in the US, New York, USA
Sep. 2005 – Invited to South Korea to hold an individual photography exhibition “The Music of Water”. Seoul, Korea
Aug. 2005 – Invited to take part in the Guilin International Photography Festival, with an individual exhibition there entitled “The Music of Water”, Guilin, China
Oct. 2004 – Invited to take part in a collaborative exhibition
ofworkbytenwell known photographers from Chinese universities, Chengdu, China
Apr. 2003 – Individual photography exhibition on “The Music of Water” at the Jiangsu Museum of Fine Arts, Nanjing,
2007 – Received “Chinese photographic education candle award” was issued jointly by the Chinese Ministry of education- Art Education Committee, and China Association of Higher Education.
2007 – Received “Contemporary Preeminent Photographer” honorary by the Association of the Chinese art photographer.
2004 – Individual “Special contribution award” was issued jointly by the Chinese Ministry of education - Art Education Committee, and China Association of Higher Education.
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