Wang Xin Yong is from Nanjing, China.

His paintings showcase his insights into nature and cultural landscapes experienced during his extensive sojourns in the United States over the last decade. Although firmly rooted in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy techniques having studied at the Nanjing Arts Institute and China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, Wang’s work also is infused with Western influences using traditional Chinese paint and inks as well as watercolors. His ink-and-wash technique has clearly been influenced by the accurate modeling, textural expression, colors and brushwork of Western painting. Whether inspired by a squirrel, an adobe church or a woods, these “love letters to nature” are ingenious amalgams of East and West, full of charm, quietude, and warm-heartedness.

Wang is a member of the Artists Association & Calligraphers Association in Jiangsu Province, Chairman of Jiangsu Micro Technology & Culture Co. Ltd, Executive Vice President of the US Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce and Deputy Director of the Culture and Arts Commission of the US Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce.

He has held many exhibits and workshops in Beijing, Nanjing, New York, Santa Fe, J. Wayne STARK Galleries in Texas A&M University, Brazos Valley Art Center, Asia Study Center in Michigan State University.